This Is How Punjabi Doll ‘Kiranjit Kaur’ Became Sunny Leone


She’s the most searched lady in India on Google and is a rising star. Sunny Leone’s escalation after her advent at the Indian film industry has been swift and quick.  But do you know that the lady who’s known to be a brand now comes from a Sikh family?

Yes, ‘Brand Sunny Leone’ is a Punjabi and her original name is Kirenjit Kaur. She was born in Ontario to the Vohra’s in 1981.


Before coming to the adult industry which is her biggest description, Sunny Leone worked at different places. These include a tax firm, a retirement firm and also a bakery. She also tried nursing but things perhaps did not go as per the plan.


The Beginning Of Her Modelling Career 

Sunny Leone tried modelling on her friend’s advice and that was her first encounter with adult films industry. Rest has been history. In 2012, she was named in the list of top 12 porn stars in the world.

Discovering Bisexuality 

Sunny Leone or Kirenjit Kaur as she was back then, discovered her bisexuality at the age of 18.

Happily Married 

In 2011 she went about marrying musician Daniel Weber and since then they’ve been happily married. After a lot of causal datings and men, she finally found the love of her life in Daniel.

Big Boss House Brought Her Fame

She surprised everyone by making an entry to the Big Boss house in 2011. That’s what made way for her Bollywood Debut. She made her Bollywood debut with Jism 2 from the Bhatt camp.

Bollywood Debut 

Sunny Leone made her Bollywood debut with Jism 2. This was her first breakthrough in Bollywood and since then she’s focused more on acting and character roles. Since then she has become a popular name in the Bollywood and is going strength to strength.

Loves her adopted baby 

Recently Sunny and Daniel adopted a baby who’s named Nisha Weber. The child has brought pleasant changes to the couple’s life.