Salman Khan, is one of the biggest superstars of this country. It has been decades since Salman Mhan has been ruling the hearts of his millions of fans. He is one of those megastar who is loved by lal the three generations.

However, he has faced many ups and downs in his life courtesy to the legal casses going on him. But his family and friends have stood by him and have always supported him in every thick and thin he has faced. Apart from his family and friends, there is this one person who has always supported him like a true friend.

Well we are talking about his bodyguard, Shera, who has now became more like a family member to Salman Khan.

A few years before we all saw how Salman Khan dedicated his movie ‘Bodyguard’ to Shera and called him his inspiration for the movie. Well, if rumors are to be believed than Salman Khan is all set to launch the son of Shera in Bollywood under his production house.

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While going through instagram, we found an instagram profile of Shera and we were surprised by looking at his pictures. Well, looking at his posts yoh will know that he is the favorite of not just Salman Khan but the complete Bollywood industry. And just like Salman Khan, Shera’s instagram handle’s username is ‘Being Shera’.

Here have a look at some of his instagram posts :

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