These Bollywood Celebrities Were Classmates


Ever been through a scenario wherever you merely encounter a past love from school? So do you get all those throwback and longing feels? Recently, I encountered an identical scenario, and it made me realize however way we’ve travelled since the day we tend to had bid goodbye to any or all our friends and acquaintances at college.

Notable celebs in B-Town are not any exception once it involves such things. Their families have an in-depth bond among them because they meet one another at social events. It would similarly be potential that they have been good friends for an extremely long term. Taking this thought, here is a list of some illustrious names from the Bollywood film industry, who have studied together in childhood and share a strong in depth bond.


1.    The Bollywood film celebs, Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff, from the movie “Baaghi”, share a great chemistry and we just love watching them on the big screens. We are unaware of the fact that they both have studied in the American School of Bombay and have completed their education. The pair additionally admitted that they’d a crush on one another, however, might they never confess that.


2.    Tiger Shroff’s sister, Krishna Shroff, and Suniel Shetty’s girl child, Athiya, additionally completed their schooling from American School of Bombay. They’re additionally according to own a marital status relation.

3.    Twinkle Khanna and Karan Johar are childhood friends. With the intimacy, they both gossip about each other, which in turn show their in-depth bond. They also attended a similar boarding along and  Johar spilled beans concerning their time along in his life history.

4.    We all are familiar with the bewildering friendship that Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan shares. Not many folks know about this but these two actors have started the  Bollywood debut together.They also commented about their friendly relationship on the show ‘Coffee With Karan’.

5.    Karan and his producer friend, Apoorva Mehta who is the CEO of Dharma Productions, belong from the same school. These childhood friends have an in-depth friendship as they were classmates from the same school.

6.    Aamir Khan and Salman belonged to the same class in the second standard at St Anne’s, in Pali Hill, but they never had a conversation back then. Aamir remarked when they grew up, he met Salman  Khan for the first time at the domicile of director Aditya Bhattacharya.

7.   The most amazing fact is that Uday Chopra and Duggu aka Hrithik Roshan have been really good friends since fourth grade. Both of them were from the Bombay Scottish School and later belonged to the same college together.