These 5 Questions Hint At A Murder Mystery Around Sridevi’s Death


The news of Sridevi’s sudden death in Dubai sent tremors across India. While the industry was shocked, her fans were left weeping as their ‘Chandni’ settled in heavens. As the news surfaced, people found it hard to believe if it was true or a mere rumour but unfortunately the news was true and Sridevi is no more.


At first it seemed a natural death for cardiac arrest was initially cited as the reason. Then as forensic formalities were completed, heart attack came out to be the cause and now finally the closure report says that she died due to accidental drowning. Isn’t this getting to suspicious now?

The following 5 Questions Are So Legit As We Try To Decode The Mystery Around Sridevi’s death.


1. If she died due to accidental drowning, why is it that at first Cardiac Arrest was cured as the reason initially.

2. Was Sridevi depressed about something? Why we ask this is because many resorts state that she did not leave the hotel for about two days.

3. With someone of her height or weight falling into the bath tub, a clear splash could be heard. Why did anyone in the room not hear any noise despite being present in the room.

4. The forensic reports suggest that she was under the influence of alcohol. Now if she was moderately drunk, she’d not fall in the bathtub and even if she did, she could rise up again. If she was heavily drunk then why would she be left alone at the first place.

5. Can a person of her height and weight actually drown in the bathtub?

Aren’t these questions still unanswered?