These 10 Bollywood Stars Were Caught ‘Staring’ At Their Co-Actresses


According to some facts, men look at the bodies of women more then they look at their faces. The duration of look or stare directly proportional to the size of breasts, waist and ass. The larger the breasts, the longer will be the stare.

Agree or not, but men, regardless of relationship status, get a chemical high when they see an attractive women passing by.Apparently, ogling, so it seems, is a weakness that afflicts all men.From leering at cute colleague or staring at the receptionist or sometimes even at their teachers, male eyes seem to have no boundaries.

Sometimes, men even forget while staring any women that they are in the company of their own woman. And imagine if you are a star, a personality who is always observed and get paparized.

Well, yes, here we bring you a list of 10 Bollywood celebrities who were caught staring at actresses:

1. Ranveer Singh couldn’t hide his amusement it seems:



2. Bad man giving a very bad-gaze:

3. Aamir Khan, you too? :

4. Again? :

5. Salman-Sohail having some bhai-bhai fun:

6. Not again:

7. No you know why men likes wearing sunglasses:

8. Ooops! Too much it is:

9. Raveer Singh and his amusements:

10. They were not married then! :

Needless to say, men will be men!