The Reason Why Aamir Khan Refused Rajinikanth’s Role In 2.0 Will Make You Respect Him Even More


Amir Khan – the ever known perfectionist, has confirmed that he had been offered the role of Rajnikanth in Robot 2.0 which he refused; Strange though it may sound but Aamir always has his own reasons of justifying his choices and selections.


In a recent interview with Komal Nahta, Aamir spoke on his reason of not taking up such a visually amazing and sci-fi role. He stated that evethough he liked the role he was of the perspective that he would not be able to justify the standards set by the Great Rajnikanth sir in the first version of the movie.

It is an hallmark of this great actor who said that whenever he closed his eyes to visualize the character in the movie he could only see Rajnikant sir.  He went on to add that the standards set by Rajni Sir is much better than that he would be able to achieve.


Even though when the actor himself was sure that this script would be a record breaking and a chart bursting one, he still chose to let it go. Aamir also added that he has also let go off few other movies as well with the belief that he would not justify the role.

“There’s a film coming robot, 2.0, I am a big fan of Shankar and I am big fan of Rajini ji. In fact, Shankar offered me that film.”

Further talking about the offer, Aamir stated that Rajinikanth had called him up and said, “Please do the film.” 

So why did he not take up the movie if he thought it was going to break all records? “It’s a superb script and it’s going to do very well but whenever I used to shut my eyes, I used to see Rajini sir in that role,” he said, adding, “Then I told Shankar, won’t be able to do it. Only Rajini sir can do it. He is irreplaceable.

Hats off and respect is what one feels for this leading actor of our showbiz industry. More so when we know what roles he has pulled off in his long illustrious career..from a ghajni, to 3 idiots…from a PK to andaz apna apna… And from taare zameen par to Dil Chahta hai, not one person would doubt his calibre…but that is the difference between the thought that we as audience and he as a pro actor have.