Payal Rohatgi Took A Dig At Swara Bhasker’s Controversial Scene, Swara Gave A Brilliant Reply


If you are a fan of reality show Bigg Boss, then you might remember the name Payal Rohatgi, the actress made headlines because of her intimacy with Rahul Mahajan. Later she also made headlines when she made casting couch allegations on Bollywood directir Dibaker Banerjee.

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Well, she is again in the news and this time again for all the wrong reasons. Recently she gained fathom of hate on social media for her insensitive tweet for the people of Kerala. In her tweet she raised the issue of cow killing.

Here, have a look at the tweet of Payal Rohatgi :

The tweet read:
#cowslaughter is NOT banned in #kerala. Dear Kerala people and politicians of Kerala, not good to hurt the sentiments of #Hindus. If u openly do that, sorry to sound but God also openly does it.. God is one ☝ but u can’t hurt religious faith like this????”

Her tweet has been receiving a lot of criticism and hate on twitter. However, a fan tried to troll her by calling her a flop actress and accused her for gaining publicity with her such insensitive tweets. However, Payal Rohatgi hit back with a reply but in her reply she took a dig at Sunny Leone and Swara Bhasker. Here, have a look at the conversation :

The tweet read:
Let me be #flop so what. I cant have my views ???? oh sorry I need to do masturbation scenes and hold placards of #RapeinDevistan campaign to be #successful OR maybe have a husband who shoots porn. IDIOTS. NO maybe be a part of #castingcouch or better change my parents ????”

Her apparent dig at Swara Bhasker and Sunny Leone was quite evident. Swara Bhasker who disappeared from twitter from past many days recently made a comeback on twitter and when Swara Bhasker came across the tweet, she was quick to give her a kickass reply. She gave back to her in the most gentle way possible, here, have a look :

The comment read:
“Hi Payal! I hope you are well too 🙂 🙂 🙂 Stay happy sister! ❣”

Kudos to Swara Bhasker for her brilliant attitude. Like they say, Kill them with kindness, Swara Bhasker just nailed this one here.

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