Meet The Designers Who Created Famous Attires In Bollywood Movies


Bollywood has given us so much, legendary actors, epic movies, iconic characters and dialogues. But have you thought that there is something else as well apart from dialogues and performances which makes these Bollywood movies memorable, which makes these iconic characters so lively. Yes we are talking about costumes.

Imagine how those iconic movies would have been if these perfect costumes would have not been there. Imagine Gabbar singh saying “Kitne admi the?” in a typical normal dress or our Kashi Bai saying “Aap humse humari zindagi maang lete hum aapko khushi khushi de dete par aapne toh humse humara guroor cheen liya’ in a crop top and skirt?” in a normal saree. Yes, these costumes play a very important part in these movies.


Here, we dedicate this article to all those talented designers who made these characters so memorable because of their wonderful and perfect costumes, have a look:

1. Mughal-E-Azam:


Mugh-E-Azam the most iconic movie of Bollywood. When we talk about costumes of this movie, one thing that immediately comes to our mind are the Anarkali dresses of Madhubala. This movie was a visual treat and costumes played a major role in this drama. The costumes of this movie were designed by Habib Mirza.

2. Jodhaa Akbar:

Agree or not, we were all mesmerized by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s outfit and looks from the movie. The costume was dressed by none other than Neeta Lulla. In one of the interview, this is what she said about her work in Jodha Akbar:

“Though I have worked on period films like Devdas, Kisna and even a Hollywood film, One Night with the King, Jodhaa Akbar is one of the most challenging films I have ever done in the last 20 years.

One of the main reasons is because this is the first time I have designed for an entire cast — from Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya, to a commoner walking on the road.”

3. Devdas:

Stunning outfits of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit both were one of the main highlights of the movie, these elaborate and beautiful dresses were designed by Neeta Lulla, Abu Salem and Sudeep Khosla.

Abu Salem and Sudeep Khosla even received a National Award for Devdas. They designed outfits for Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan while, Neeta Lulla designed for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This is what she said:

“Sanjay gave the entire script to the designers before any of the stars in the film were finalised. He had asked me to work on Paro and Chandramukhi’s [played by Madhuri Dixit] clothes. I had worked on Chandramukhi’s character as well. But then things changed. Ash came on the scene and I did not want to take on both artistes together.

It is a huge film, and there would be greater responsibility doing both the stars. It is not a film where you pick clothes off a rack or supply two saris. I thought it best to design for just one heroine and do it well.”

4. Bajirao Mastani and Goliyon ki Rasleela : Ram Leela:

Costume played a huge role in Bajirao Mastani. When we think of Mastani the first thing we imagine her in is that golden yellow costume Deepika wore for the song “deewani mastani”. Kashi Bai’s elegant and stunning outfits made the character more lively. The outfits for Bajirao Mastani were designed by the same designer who designed for Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ram Leela, they were designed by Anju Modi.

5. Bombay Velvet:

Yeah, we remember that the movie failed at the Box Office but the outfits of this movie  were class apart. 140 costumes were designed for only Anushka Sharma and all were so stunning. The costumes were designed by Niharika Kaur. This is what she said about her work for this film:

“Anushka’s amazing! And she had the body to carry it off. We wanted her to put on a little weight which she did. At that time, there were no size zeroes. Women were voluptuous. It is a glamorous role. She comes from Portuguese Goa, an Anglo-Indian.”

6. Padmaavat :

Extravagent, stunning and extraordinary, the costumes of this movie made these characters blockbuster. The costumes of this movie were designed by Harpreet and Rimple Narula. This is what they said about working with these stars:

People will remember his performance and get-up. His clothes are beastly. When we started shooting he was not Ranveer anymore. He was getting into the Khilji mould. We enhanced his aggressiveness as he was a nomadic invader, who desires every object of beauty. We gave him outfits and jewellery which highlight his masculinity. And also created detailed armoury keeping his warrior look in mind.”

No doubt these costumes play an important part in the movie, don’t you agree?

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