Man Tried To Troll Taapsee Pannu For Wearing Short Dress, She Gave The Most Savage Reply


These days trolling on social media has become a very common thing. Every now and then people are trolling someone on social media for one thing or the other. And if you are a celebrity, then the trollers won’t leave a single stone unturned to troll you for everything that you do. From your hair do, to your make-up to your outfit, these trollers will force their opinions on you.

The recent victim of the trollers was Taapsee Pannu. However, the actress is known for her upfront nature and bold attitude. She knows how to shut the trollers and haters if they cross their lines in the most savage way. Taapsee Pannu is the Queen of savage replies and we just love how she deals with the haters.

Recently, she uploaded a picture of herself on social media wearing a short dress, in which she was looking incredibly hot. However, a few people had a problem with her dress.She uploaded the picture on her twitter handle alongwith a caption. Here, have a look at the post :

The tweet read:
“Sometimes the best moments stay untouched, unedited…… and unused……

Although, the picture was flooded with many good comments but there a few people who tried to troll her for her short dress, one among them was a user Premsukh Choudhary, who made an insulting tweet by crossing his lines. Here, have a look at what he wrote :

Usually celebrities avoid replying or giving attention to such trolls but Taapsee was in no mood to take this non-sense, she slammed him with the most savage reply. Here, have a look at what she tweeted :

The tweet read:
“Aap jaise culture ke rakshak nahi mil rahe sir ji. Identify karne ke liye aisa karna padha varna aap jaise heere kahan asaani se milte hai.” 

After this savage response, the user deleted his comment but twitterati and Taapsee were in no mood to spare him for crossing lines. Here, have a look at how twitterati reacted :

Well, we are sure trollers will now think twice or thrice before making insulting remarks against Taapsee Pannu.

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