The term casting couch has always been linked to Bollywood. It has created a lot of controversies in the past and there have been many instances when models and actresses have opened up and revealed about their experiences of casting couch.

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Recently, Mallika Sherawat, the actress who was known for her boldness and sizzling on-screen persona, also opened up about her experience with the casting couch.

Mallika Sherawat was one of the most popular actresses back in 2000, who rose to fame after her erotic thriller Murder. People were left stunned by her boldness on screen and soon she became the best choice for the film makers for the bold roles.

In a recent interview, Mallika Sherawat revealed how her the bold characters in the movies she used to play made people think that she is one of those who can ‘compromise’ easily. She said:

” There were so many accusations and judgements on me. If you wear short skirts, kiss on screen then you’re a fallen woman with no morals. Men tend to take liberties with you. This happened with me too.”

She also revealed that how she was thrown out of several projects because she refused to get intimate with the people involved in those projects, she said:

“I was thrown out of projects because heroes would say ‘why can’t you be intimate with me? You can do it on screen, what’s the problem in doing that with me in private?’ I’ve lost so many projects. It’s very reflective of the society, what women deal with in our country.”

Mallika went on to reveal how her struggles and where she came from was overlooked by the hot scenes she did on screen. She recalled a very uncomfortable interview from the past where the interviewer only asked her sexual questions, she said :

“I cringe when I watch it today. I had just begun my career, ‘Murder’ had released and I was so intimidated by this lecherous old man. There was no support for me, I felt so lonely, that was so painful.”

Well, it’s really shameful how people judge a woman by what she does. It’s high time that we change our perception about her and every other woman as well.

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