Lesser Known Wives Of Bollywood’s Famous Villains


Bollywood movies highlight their heroes but more often than not, villains steal the show. The actors who play the part of villains give amazing performances and make the movie memorable. We see them in negative light but that does not mean they are similar in real life.

We have listed 10 Bollywood heroes who have had gorgeous wives in reality.

Danny Denzongpa: 


Danny is very popular with his appearances in numerous Bollywood movies as a prolific villain. With his mean look and perfect hairstyle, he nailed negative roles in these movies. However he is married to the gorgeous Gawa Denzongpa in real life. They are happily married.

Kabir Bedi : 


Kabir Bedi’s personal life is as illustrious as his professional life. He achieved international success by starring in Octopussy (James Bond ) which was costarred by the like of Roger Moore. He has also given memorable performances in Bollywood movies like Yalgaar and Kohraam. He got married thrice to Protima Bedi, Susan Humphreys and Nikki bedi. He is currently married to Parveen Dasungh.

Gulshan Grover :

Gulshan Grover has played negative roles in popular Bollywood movies like Mohra, Raam Lakhan, Sir and Khilladiyon Ka Khiladi and many more. However he leads a flamboyant life and got married to Filomina Grover in 1998 and later to Kashish Grover in 2001. But they split in 2002.

Prakash Raj :

Prakash raj is known for his acting skills. He played the role of villain in many south Indian movies but later moved to Bollywood starring in super hit movies like Singham, Dabangg 2, Mumbai Mirror and many more. He is happily married to his spouce Pony Verma since 2010.

Amjad Khan: 

Amjad Khan is the iconic bad man of Bollywood. He got critical acclaim by portraying the iconic role of Gabbar Singh in the cult hit Sholay. He had a very successful career in Bollywood that lasted over 20 years. In his private life, he was a proper family man. He married Shehla Khan. They had three children.

Amrish Puri :

Amrish puri is best remembered for his iconic role of Mogambo in the movie Mr. India despite playing many roles in various movies making him one of most feared villains on the big screen. He was a proper gentleman in real life. He married Urmila Divekar and had a son and a daughter with her.

Prem Chopra :

Prem Chopa is another famous villain of Bollywood. He was married to Uma Chopra in 1969. They had three children. In his long career he acted as villain in movies like Teesri Manzil and Upkar.

Ranjeet :

Ranjeet also played many negative roles in Bollywood movies. He used to be cast as the rapist villain in most movies and it made him a hated character on screen. In reality however he is happily married to Aloka Bedi and has two children.

Sadashiv Amrapukar : 

Sadashiv is best remembered for playing the role of Rama Shetty in the movie Ardh Satya. He has then gone on to play many negative careers in films. He was happily married to Sunanda Karmakar.

Mukesh Rishi :

Mukesh is best remembered for his role Bulla in the infamous Bollywood movie Gunda. He worked as a villain in Bollywood and in south Indian movies. He met his Fijian wife Keshni Rishi when he went to work in Fiji after his graduation before becoming an actor.