A person is named by his or her parents but he has to make his name, his identity on his own. Here, are some of the actors who changed their names and then made their identities. The world doesn’t even know there real names but still love and respect them like crazy. Have a look:

  1. Dilip Kumar:


The legendary actor Dilip Kumar’s real name is Mohammad Yusuf Khan. 

2. Madhubala:


The most beautiful actress of Hindi cinema, Madhubala’s real name was Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi.

3. Amitabh Bachchan:

The Angry young man of Bollywood, his real name is not Amitabh Bachchan. Shocking isn’t it? Well, his real name is Inquilab Srivastava, but he changed his name before entering in the world of Bollywood.

4. Katrina Kaif:

The gorgeous diva of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif. Katrina is mostly loved for cute and sexy looks and her dance moves. Her real name is Kate Turquotte.

5. Sridevi:

Arguably, she was the first female superstar of Bollywood. Sridevi started her career at the age of 4-year and did 300 movies in her career span of 5 decades. Sridevi’s real name was Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan.

6. Meena Kumari:

Meena Kumari was one of the iconic actress who has given us many brilliant movies. Her real name was Mahjabeen Bano.

7. Johny Walker:

Johny Walker was famous for doing drunkard roles in the movies. Johny Walker was the legend of comedy movies but no one knows, that Johny Walker was not his real name, his real name was Jamaluddin Kazi.


The timeless beauty and the epitome of grace, Rekha’s real name is Bhanurekha Ganesan.

9. Mithun Chakraborty:

The first disco dancer of Bollywood, Mithun Chakraborty. His real name is  Gouranga Chakraborty.

10. Saif Ali Khan:

The Chote Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan. His real name is Sajid Ali Khan.

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