Kalki Koechlin Reveals How Actresses Face ‘Sexual Harassment’ In Bollywood


Kalki Koechlin is one of the best actors in Bollywood. She has a very different kind of beauty and her roles are, mostly, unforgettable. In his career, so far, Kalki has worked with some of the finest actors, directors and producers on Bollywood and earned the love and respect of fans on the basis of her acting and persona.

Kalki Koechlin also keeps sharing pictures of her strong views on matters related to women, specially harassment and abuse. Recently, in an interview to BBC, Kalki Koechlin was asked why women in Bollywood don’t come out in open and talk about about sexual harassment in the industry.

Kalki spoke very openly about the issue and what she said will make you re-think about the  “glamour” and “luxuries” Bollywood actresses have.

We all know that such things happen behind the glitters and colours of Bollywood. But, it is not often that a big star like Kalki Koechline comes out in open and talk about. Kalki said that newcomers get discriminated because of the way they look and get body-shamed.

“I know several girls who are newcomers in Bollywood – struggling, going for auditions, who are constantly being discriminated because of the way they look. People say you are too fat or comments being made or being hit on,” Kalki Koechlin said. 

Image source: IndiaForums.com

Kalki Koechlin also talked about the extreme pressure Bollywood celebrities face while talking openly about such experiences.

“It is a very difficult step to take. Because it’s their career on the line. You are dealing with hundreds of people throwing their opinions at you,” she said, adding that “it can shake you emotionally.”

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