Kajol Joins The List Of Some Of The Worst Statements By Bollywood Actresses


Beauty with brains is a cliche that you wouldn’t want to associate with every Bollywood Diva. We aren’t saying this irrationally or from the purview of any gender taboo rather we’ve got reasons to believe so.

These ravishing divas of Bollywood have time and again made statements which only give a dumb impression of them. The latest comes from Kajol who gave a very dumb answer when asked about GST on sanitary pads. You’d only be shocked to know her reply and then you’ll agree to our arguments that not every Diva is about being a beauty with brains.


Kajol was asked about Sanitary napkins being taxed and this was her reply.


“There’s tax on milk and rice”

Well, slow claps for Kajol who perhaps overlooked the fact that in India only 12% women use sanitary napkins for mensuration health. Other 88% Women in India resort to alternatives like newspapers, rags,

clothes and even ash. This makes this vulnerable to life-threatening diseases like cancer.

So, this was indeed a very irresponsible statement from Kajol.

Other instances when Bollywood Divas made rubbish statements

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor once opined that “if you’re not good looking, you’re considered a good actor. You know what I mean right?”

Well, we wonder if she herself knew what was she talking about. Sorry state of mind Sonam!

Parineeti Chopra

“I’m very often confused to be a feminist but I’m not. But I’m really not, coming into the Bollywood has made me stronger and more responsible.”

Too busy to read about feminism on Google maybe.

Mira Rajput

The pretty wife of Shahid Kapoor too makes to this list. She provoked a controversy when she said, “I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child. I wouldn’t want to spend one an hour a day with my child and rush off to work. Why did I have her? She is not a puppy, I want to be there for her as a mother.”

Well, one-minute silence to condemn this is what we urge. No wonder working mothers took a serious offense to this irrational statement.

Bipasha Basu

“I think Olympic Games were started by Hitler.”

OMG! Such level of intellect.