The new season of Bigg Boss started in a full swing. It has only been two weeks but people are already hooked to the show and are loving every bit of it and the major credit for this goes to the theme of ‘vichitra jodi’. The couple that perfectly suits this theme is undoubtedly Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota and his girlfriend Jasleen MAtharu.

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Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota left everyone in shocked when he walked in the house with his girlfriend Jasleen, who is 37 years younger to him; while Anup is of 65, Jasleen is just 28 years old.

Ever since the couple revealed their love for each other on national television, the whole nation was shocked including the family of Jasleen who were not aware of their relationship. They became the most talked about contestants in the house and soon various memes and jokes targeting the couple started doing rounds.

However, many rumors and reports were going around in the media that were not backed by any proof. One of them being that Jasleen was pregnant of Anup Jalota’s child and she got it aborted.  Aneesha Singh, a model by profession, disclosed in a media interaction that Jasleen claimed to have become pregnant of Anup’s child but he showed carelessness and she went for abortion.

There were no statements from her family but now her father has opened up and rubbished all these rumors. Her father, Kesar Matharu gave an interview to Telly Masala in which he rubbished all the rumors and slammed the media for spreading fake rumors about his daughter without checking it’s authenticity.

According to him, if there was a case of Pregnancy  as claimed by Aneesha, there is a doctor, nurses, hospital staff, a register on which the person signs and other such things as proof; so if she is talking about Jasleen’s pregnancy, she must be having some proof too. He said that if Aneesha has said something, she should come up with a proof and if not she should not spread fake rumors.

Her father also said that why is Aneesha not coming forward in media, when her father is ready is to face everything Jasleen has done. Even if she is wrong, he is ready to face it and he doesn’t need to hide his face. He says the same to Aneesha that instead of hiding behind the media, she should come with a proof to back her statement.

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