We all hate being called “aunty”, right girls? However, seems like it’s not just us but politicians as well hate being called as aunties. Well, recently, the textile minister Smriti Irani was at an event where she met Janhvi Kapoor, who was calling her “aunty” again and again.


Smriti Irani posted a cute boomerang video on her Instagram account where she revealed the incident where Janhvi Kapoor kept calling her aunty at the event. Narrating what happened, she captioned the video saying :

The someone shoot me”moment —When #jahnvikapoor sweetly apologises for continuously calling you aunty & you say “ koi baat nahi beta “ #totalsiyapa 🤦‍♀️ye Aaj kal ke bachche #auntykiskobola 🙈🚶‍♀️


Here, have a look at the post of Smriti Irani :

Hilarious isn’t it?

Well, Janhvi Kapoor was quick to come up with a reply on the post, where she posted a few emojis, showing how embarrassed she was after the incident. However, Smriti Irani really seemed cool about it.

Here, have a look at the comment of Janhvi Kapoor on this post :


Here, have a look at the sweet reply of Smriti Irani on this :

Isn’t that just the most sweetest wish?

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