Jackie Shroff Wore A Jacket Which Is Costlier Than A ‘Decent’ Indian Car. Many Foreign Celebs Also Love It


Jackie Shroff has got a distinctive style statement of his own. It would be not wrong to say that Jackie Shroff seems more enthusiastic about his styling than son Tiger Shroff. He’s often made news for his unique ‘tapori style’ but he has never cared about haters. Jackie does what he likes and he does not really care if others like it or not.


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Cow Boy boots, barn hats, boot cut jeans and much more, this is what Jackie Shroff’s style statement revolves around. The latest in his collection is a denim jacket that is making the news. The denim jacket Jackie Shroff wore to the Mumbai Airport is worth a bounty and it has been worn by some of the biggest celebrities in the world.


here is the jacket that has become the talk of the town

Courtesy: Louis Vitton X Supreme

Maybe now you would remember this jacket. Yes, this is a denim trucker jacket straight from the Louis Vitton X Supreme fashion collab. Not just this but this jacket has been worn by some of the biggest international celebrities. Kanye West, Future, Jaden Smith are just a few names from the list. So, to keep it simple, THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE DENIM JACKET EVER WORN BY AN INDIA CELEBRITY!

But perhaps he missed the trick by pairing the wrong thing with this whopping jacket. We did not find this look too appealing. Instead of the sneakers and the white shirt, perhaps a white tee and Chelsea boots would have made a better deal. Also, the neck wound and the knotted bandana does not really match or rather spoil the look of the jacket.


But nevertheless, Jackie Shroff wearing such a hefty jacket has caught us off guard. Never did we imagine that he would be the first Indian celebrity to wear this jacket which carries a huge price tag. How would you rate this airport look of Jackie Shroff?