Hrithik Roshan And John Abraham’s Trainer Is The Real Life ‘Hulk’


Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham are two most followed fitness freaks from the B Town. Both of them are amply fit beside just being handsome and it is because of this supreme fitness they have delivered stunning actions on the silver screen.

Both of them set some serious fitness goals for others since they train hard and relentlessly but who is the man behind their fitness? What makes John and Hrithik so fit that just the sight of them makes one want to go to the gym and put in all the hard work?

The face of the fitness of John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan is Kris Gethin who is the trainer of both these Bollywood hunks. Kris believes that gym is a temple of change where people come to transform their physical and mental strengths.

Kris Gethin has over 20 Lakh followers on Social Media and not just to John Abraham and Hrithik but Kris, through his social media account, gives the greatest of fitness tips to lakhs of people.


Kris has also written a book based on fitness and the book has remained the best seller for once. This clearly states that he has an in-depth knowledge of fitness and all the fitness hacks on his platter are just so impeccable.

The book is named, ‘Body Building.Com’ and it has garnered huge success. This book talks about exercises and diet charts for a course of 12 months.


Kris had set a target for Hrithik to complete in 12 weeks but Hrithik went on to complete the fitness targets in just 10 weeks.

Kris Gethin has been a major contributor to Hrithik’s never dying fitness and apparently, Hrithik pays him 20 lakhs to remain on the pinnacle of fitness. He has transformed the entire routing of Hrithik and has made him fitter than ever before.