Childhood or the teenage years are the most amazing phase of our lives. Thinking about those precious moments or watching the pictures or videos of those moments might make us feel old but they never fails to bring smiles back into our lives. School time was the best time of our lives, we made many friends and millions of memories with them.

However, every time we look at our school-time pictures, we end up laughing at our own self, about how we used to look like before. Our pictures makes us nostalgic and takes us back to that golden period.


But do you ever wonder how your favorite celebrities used to look like during their school time? Well, they had a memorable childhood like we had. These big stars were mischievous, naughty during their school days just like us and every other student. They look very different from how they look like now.

Here, in this article we bring you pictures of top celebrities that will tell you how they used to look during their school days. From SRK, to Salman Khan to Ranbir Kapoor, they look very different from how they look now. Have a look :


1.Shah Rukh Khan :



2. Priyanka Chopra :


3. Genelia D’Souza :


4. Ranbir Kapoor :


5. Anushka Sharma :


6. Ranveer Singh :


7. Siddharth Malhotra :


8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan :


9. Sushant Singh Rajput :

10. Salman Khan :



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