Car-Collection Of Virushka Is Our Dream. But We Can’t Afford it


As youngsters we’re always fascinated about super cars. These super cars form a large proportion of our dreams. We’re so much into super cars that we even want to know about all the super cars owned by our favourite celebrities, aren’t we? We’re always eager to know as to which super cars are owned by our favourite cricketers, Bollywood celebrities and other popular personalities.

Virat and Anushka make an adorable couple. This isn’t just an adorable power couple but also a couple with a whopping net worth. While Virat Kohli is the highest paid athletes from India, his lady is one of the highest grossing actresses in Bollywood. The combined net worth of these two is mammoth and incredible.

Do you want to know which all supercars embrace their garage?
Here’s the list

Cars Which Virat Kohli Owns

1. Audi R8 V10 Plus


This hot set of wheels costs a whopping 2.98 crores. Now that’s what you call a supercar.

2. Audi R8 LMX

Now this sexy car too is a dream car for many. It costs 2.97 crores and only Kohli can own all these supercars at once.

3. Audi A8 L12

This sexy car costs 1.98 crores.

4. Audi S6

Now that’s too much of Audi in one garage. This Audi S6 costs 95.25 Lakhs.

5. Audi Q7

Yet another Audi in his garage. Audi Q7 costs around 80 Lakhs.

6. Ford Fortuner

This is one of the best SUVs in India. It’s costs between Rs 25 Lakhs and 30 lakhs.

7. Duster

It costs 13.5 Lakhs

Anushka Sharma’s Cars Collection

1. Range Rover Vogue

The stylish and lavish set of wheels costs 2.08 crores.

2. BMW 7 Series

This hot car from BMW costs 1.11 crores.