The beautiful diva of Bollywood, Urvashi Rautella is an absolute gorgeous. She is very active on her social media, recently the hot actress posted a picture of her bare back cupping session. The sensual actress is known for playing bold and hot characters on-screen.


Urvashi Rautella shared a picture of her back which had numerous cups attached to her bare back which had turned red. If you are not aware, so let us let you that this process is known as Chinese traditional therapy of Cupping. Cupping is a form of an alternative medicine, which reduces pain and gives relaxation to the body.

In the picture that she posted, the caption had intricate details about the painful session that leaves you rejuvenated and rid of any toxins.


This therapy has become a very common therapy among celebrities. Many stars are going through this therapy session to feel relaxed and get rid of toxins to look beautiful. Have a look at what she posted :

Yes, the session is ever more painful then it looks like in the picture.

Here, we bring you a list of all those other actresses who have went through painful and weird therapies and techniques to look beautiful. Have a look :

  1. Kim Kerdashian :

Kim Kerdashian is one of the top model in the world right now. She has also undergone a very painful therapy, which was platelets rich plasma therapy. In this therapy first blood is taken out and is later inserted using injections.

2. JEnnifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need any introduction. She is famous and loved all around the world. She undergoes human placenta facial therapy, which is one of the reasons behind her glowing skin.

3. Victoria Beckham :

Victoria Beckham is the wife of David Beckham. She is also a fashion designer by profession. For you information, we must tell you that she gets bird poop facial. Although, this therapy might seem weird to us but is very popular.

4. Haile Berry :

Haile Barry gets her body scrubbed with coffee, which results in the goog circulation of blood.

5. Katy Homes :

For you information, Human placenta is an organ attached to the lining of the womb during pregnancy. Katy Homes who is an American actress uses this cream which is enriched with Vitamin E and other useful ingredients.

6. Scarlett Johansson :

Scarlett Johanson is famous all round the world for her good looks. Scarlett Johanson uses cyder vinegar to maker her skin look beautiful.