Bollywood Actress Raveena Tandon Shared A ‘Strange’ Incident Involving Sridevi


The death of legendary actress Sridevi has shaken and shattered the world. The complete TV and Bollywood industry have been mourning to the death of Bollywood’s most loved actress.

Raveena Tandon who has worked together in the movie, Laadla with Anil Kapoor. But not many know that before Sridevi, the role that she played was to be played by Divya Bharti. Divya Bharti even shot many scenes for the movie before her sudden mysterious death. The death of Divya Bharti had affected the entire Bollywood industry years ago.

Raveena Tandon, shared a strange memory from the sets of Laadla. While shooting for one of the scenes for the movie, Divya Bharti got stuck at a dialogue. Raveena Tandon said:

“The first shot was an emotional one for us because Sridevi had stepped into Divya Bharti’s shoes after her untimely demise. Divya, Shakti Kapoor and I had shot a scene in Aurangabad where she fires us and throws us out of the office. While shooting the scene, Divya was constantly getting stuck on a particular line of dialogue and had to give several retakes before it was okay.”

She added:

“Around six months later, we were shooting the same scene with Sridevi in the same office and it was so eerie because she was stuck on the same line. All of us on the set had gooseflesh and Shaktiji (Shakti Kapoor) suggested we all chant the Gayatri mantra aloud. I held Sridevi’s hand as we said the prayers, then we broke a coconut and resumed shooting”.

Raveena Tandon who has given us many amazing performances shared her experience on working with Late. Sridevi. She said:

“I think as a mentor I think Sri was always so maternal right from the beginning. I have worked with a lot of superstars, a lot of senior actresses and all of them trust me were not so welcoming. I met Sri when I was only two films old. I met her when I was a child then I actually got a chance to work with her. And from the first day onwards I was completely smitten. She would just walk into the room and you know walk into a scene and completely steal everyone’s thunder. But she was also so you know comfortable there was a sense of comfort, there was a sense of I think maternal love in her.”

Sridevi was indeed a school in herself. She has given us many amazing and memorable performances. The world will always remember the legendary actress for her amazing work and for her sweet and down-to-earth nature.

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