Arjun Kapoor, no doubt has one of the most hilarious sense of humor in the industry. From Katrina to Parineeti Chopra, Arjun is often seen trolling his closed friends on their instagram pictures. Recently, Arjun trolled her sister Janhvi Kapoor on her latest instagram picture.

Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor share a beautiful bond of siblings and whole Internet is the witness of their bond. Arjun is just like a typical elder brother who never misses out a chance to pull legs of his sister but also makes sure no one else does that. Arjun Kapoor has slammed the media and paparazzi many times for showing Janhvi in a bad light because of her outfit or something else and we just love how Arjun takes stand for his sister.

Recently, Janhvi Kapoor uploaded couple of pictures of herself posing with a lipstick. Here, have a look at the post of Janhvi Kapoor :

Here, have a look at the pictures uploaded by her :

In no time the picture was flooded with comments from her fans. However, the best and the most hilarious comment came from her brother, Arjun Kapoor who trolled her for her pose. As in the picture, Janhvi can be seen biting the lipstick, Arjun trolled her and wrote “Didn’t eat lunch na?”

Well, Janhvi Kapoor took it very sportingly and even gave a hilarious reply to Arjun Kapoor’s comment. She wrote : “I feel you should save the jokes for world icecream day”. 

Here, have a look at the conversation here :

Hilarious isn’t it? Don’t they just look like normal siblings like us, who never misses out any chance to troll our siblings ?

Well, we are very happy to see them sharing such an adorable bond. They will be seen together for the first time on screen in the upcoming episode of Koffee with Karan and we just can’t wait to watch them bonding and also to reveal some secrets about each other.

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