Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan’s latest released ‘Sui Dhaga’ has been receiving accolades of appreciation and love from critics as well as audiences. It is emerging a worldwide success. Even before the movie released, the movie created a lot of buzz on social media.

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The infamous Anushka Sharma crying face from the movie created a rage on the internet, the memes and jokes related to the crying face were all over the internet. Currently the actress is very happy with the success of the movie and receiving praises for her performance in the movie. Recently in an interview she expressed her feelings after the release of the movie. She said :

, “I’m very happy. I’m feeling very overwhelmed because of the kind of appreciation. Like, ‘You don’t see Anushka Sharma in it. You see Mamta. That’s the biggest compliment an actor can get. My message to Adi (Aditya Chopra) and Sharat (Katariya, director) when I saw the film was, ‘I’m glad that I did the film. I’m glad that I followed your faith in me more than my own doubts in myself.”

She was asked about what went behind the preparations for the role of Mamta, she revealed :

I really had to be very observant of women like Mamta. I had to understand that there are elements in me which can’t be there in Mamta, so I have to control those. And I have to enhance the ones that are more like her. Overall my expression as a person is very different. So, I had to be careful. Even when I was on set, I would not go back to the van. Just stay and sit in a particular way or go do something in the kitchen. People are writing on Twitter, ‘Everybody wants a wife like Mamta.”

She was also asked about that if she would want to be like Mamta as a wife, to which she replied :

“I am also very good. You want to hug her, you want to protect her. I think it’s the most likeable character I have done.”

When asked about her co-star Varun Dhawan, she was all praises for him, she said :

“Varun is genuinely a very nice guy. I think he is very well brought up. Varun and I never knew each other at all; not even socially. So, everything I discovered about him was new only. I have really enjoyed being on set with him. He is so receptive as an actor. I really do root for him, as an actor.”

Anushka Sharma also revealed her personal favorite meme on Mamta, she revealed :

“Mario was really, really cool. The memes were funny you know when the trailer came out. But that scene in the movie made people cry. So, I feel very victorious. Like, I can make you laugh and cry. (Laughs).”

Well, we all loved the memes made on Mamta and her performance in the movie.

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