Naseeruddin Shah, the Bollywood actor has once again found himself in troubles over his remarks in reference to the killing of a policemen in mob violence in Uttar Pradesh. His remarks have left the whole country in anger.


After the mob violence that took place in Bulandshahr, UP after cow carcasses were found earlier this month, a policeman was killed, Naseeruddin Shah had said that there’s no such freedom in the country and the situation makes him angry.

Naseeruddin has said :


The poison has already spread. It will be very difficult to capture this djinn back in the bottle. There is complete impunity for those who take law into their own hands. In many areas we are witnessing that the death of a cow has more significance than that of a police officer. I feel anxious thinking about my children. Because they don’t have a religion… tomorrow if a mob surrounds them and asks ‘are you a Hindu or a Muslim?’ they will have no answer. It worries me because I don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. These matters don’t scare me, they make me angry,

His remarks has left the people in anger. People are slamming and trolling him on social media.

Now Anupam Kher was asked about his thoughts and views on this matter. Talking on this, Anupam Kher slammed Naseeruddin Shah and has some very important things to say. He said :

There’s so much freedom in the country that you can abuse the army, badmouth the air chief and pelt stones at the soldiers. How much more freedom do you need in a country? He (Shah) said what he felt like, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth,

Well said, we completely agree with Anupam Kher.

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