According To ‘Internet Khabris’, These Are The Favourite Food Items Of Famous Bollywood Celebrities


Agree or not, but when it comes to our favorite Bollywood stars, we want to know everything about them, from their lavish lifestyle to their secrets of health and fitness, from their link-ups and break-up rumors to the latest gadget or car they are using, we want to know everything.

Well, no matter how popular a celebrity is, food is everyone’s weakness.So, here we bring you a list of your favorite celebrities and their favorite dishes. Have a look:

1. Anushka Sharma:

Anushka Sharma, is a girl next door from heart, according to her food preferences. She loves Papdi Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, and Aaloo Tikki, near Ghantaghar in Dehradun. Apart from this street food, she loves home-made food cooked by her mother, especially butter chicken, momos, khichdi and khichoni (soup with onions and tomatoes).

2. Aamir Khan:

According to some sources, Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood loves Mughlai food.

3. Alia Bhatt:

According to some sources, Alia Bhatt is a pure foodie. She enjoys chutting chai, Dilli Ki Chaat, Gujrati and Chinese. Apart from desi food, she loves baked beans, grilled tomatoes, sausages and srambled eggs for breakfast. Recently she posted a picture on her Instagram: “Who knew a piece of malt bread with avocado, tomatoes and a poached egg would make me so happy?”

4. Deepika Padukone :

Deepika loves her South-Indian food, she enjoys Upma, dosa, and poha are her top breakfast choices. While quinoa, sushi, and even vegetable juices are on her healthy list. Chocolates are Deepika’s weakness.

5.Hritik Roshan:

Don’t go by the sexy body of this hot star. Hritik Roshan is a diehard lover of Samosa. He can eat dozens of Samosas in one go.

6. Kareena Kapoor:

According to some sources, Kareena Kapoor said that even during her pregnancy she had her regular dal with a spoonful of ghee. Kareena Kapoor loves home-made plate of rice and daal with a bit of desi ghee.

7. Katrina Kaif:

The sexy stunner of Bollywood can’t live without a steaming cup of black coffee. According to some sources, her favorite dish is Kheer. Apart from sweet dish, Katrina loves cinnamon rolls, she is unstoppable with it too. She also enjoys roast meats, Yorkshire pudding and the traditional English breakfast when she is in London.

8. Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar is a proper punjabi munda. He loves home-made Punjabi food but occasionally loves having Thai Green Curry.

9. Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka Chopra has a thing for desserts. She loves having red velvet cake, hot chocolate fudge, jalebis, cakes, and the list remains endless. Apart from desserts, Priyanka loves Indian and Italian food. She also enjoys Burgers, french fries, Chicken and Mutton biryani.

10. Ranbir Kapoor:

We all know that Ranbir Kapoor is a big foodie. He loves food cooked by her mother. He also loves eating crocodile’s meat. Yes! you read that right. In an interview he revealed, he had his best experience of food while eating crocodile’s food.

11. Salman Khan:

Salman Khan is a family man. He loves food especially chicken cooked by her mother.“You just add everything – rice, mutton, some salad, sweet and salty aam ka aachar, you just throw everything together. It tastes fabulous,” he once said in an interview.

12. Shah Rukh Khan:

The King Khan of Bollywood loves home-made food, but he is obsessed with tandoori chicken. “Tandoori chicken. I am addicted to it, and I can eat it 365 days a year.” he said in an interview.

13. Shahid Kapoor:

Apart from home-made food. Shahid Kapoor loves enjoys Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. But it is Rajma Chawal that makes him go insane.

14. Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor she loves Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and also Greek food. She also loves Bengali food, especially, the mustard fish, and Cholar Dal. She once revealed, “I like chaat: everything from bhel puri to pani puri, and no one does it better than Elco Pani Puri Centre, in Bandra. For pav bhaji, I would go to Amar Juice Centre in Vile Parl.”  

What is your favorite food? Share it with us in the comments below.

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