The #Metoo movement broke the internet, last year when so many people took to their social media handles and revealed about their stories of being sexually molested or abused by anyone. Even the top Hollywood stars couldn’t save their asses from this wrath. However, our Bollywood kept mum even then.


But finally the waves of #Metoo movement finally hit the Bollywood. It all started when the former Bollywood actress, Tanushree Dutta opened up about her story that how Bollywood actor Nana Patekar sexually harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Please, 10 years ago. She also opened up how her car was attacked by the goons while she was inside it.

Thanks to the immense courage of Tanushree Dutta for speaking up on her 10 year old matter that people in India are finally taking this ‘#metoo’ movement seriously. Recently, many women from actresses to journalist opened up about their sexual misconduct stories. From Alok Nath to Sajid Khan to Vikas Bahl, everyone seems to be under the wrath of this movement.


Now after such big names came into the limelight, number of other Bollywood celebs have taken a strong stand against such offenders and vowed not to work with them. One such name is of Bollywood director Reema Kagti, who directed Gold, staring Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy.

Recently, on a tweet of Konkana Sen Sharma a few trollers were trolling Reema Kagti for her hypocrisy. People were saying that she has herself harassed Mouni Roy during the shoot of Gold.

Here, have a look at one of the trolls that Mouni replied to :

The tweet read:
“Oh come on with this hypocrisy!! Reema Kagti has herself been known to sexually harass @Roymouni during Gold movie! The blinds r all over the net! N she is part of this?? ????????”

Before Reema Kagti could come up with an explanation, Mouni Roy came and gave a mouth-shutting reply to the troller for putting fake allegations and for spreading fake rumors. In her tweet she cleared the air by saying that she wasn’t harassed by anyone.

Here, have a look at what Mouni Roy replied to the tweet :

The tweet read:
I was not harassed on the set of Gold by anyone. Director or otherwise. I wish this maligning would stop as it not only harassing me and Reema Kagti but also taking away from women that have truly been wronged.
@konkonas @rachitmehrotra”

We completely agree with the actress that such baseless allegations should be stopped and we should make sure that no one takes the advantage of this movement which is made for the clean-up of society that we live in.

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