Mahira Khan, the gorgeous Pakistani actress who made her Bollywood debut alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Raees. Although, it’s not just her movie for which she is remembered for by her Indian fans but for the controversy that happened a year ago, when some pictures of Mahira and Ranbir Kapoor were leaked by paparazzi.


In the leaked pictures, Ranbir Kapoor was seen sharing a smoke with Mahira Khan on the streets of London. The pictures went viral in no time and the rumors of them dating were touching sky. Apart from this, Mahira Khan was heavily trolled by the Pakistanis for smoking.

Seems like the ghost of the controversy is still haunting the actress as people still keep trolling and reminding her of that controversy. Well, recently, Mahira Khan took to her twitter and congratulated Mohammad Hafeez as he announced his retirement from the cricket world.


Here, have a look at the tweet of Mahira Khan :

Well, all was fine but a twitter user trolled her for her leaked pictures with Ranbir Kapoor. Here, have a look at the tweet of the troller :

The tweet read:
Lgta hai koi khaas kaam nahin mil rha jab say ranveer kapoor waali pictures out hueen”

Instead of ignoring, Mahira Khan gave a mouth-shutting reply to the troller by immediately correcting the spelling of Ranbir Kapoor in her reply.

Here, have a look at her reply to the troller :

Well, now that’s some kickass reply from her side.

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