17 Movies That Changed The Scenario Of Bollywood Movies


Undoubtedly the scenario of Bollywood movies has changed completely. Now the audience seeks good and creative story with brilliant performances by the actors rather than watching superstars on screen with no acting skills.

Here, we bring you some of a list of 17 movies that changed the course of Bollywood. Have a look:


1. Masaan:

Masaan undoubtedly was one of the best movies that released in the year. Although the movie failed to earn numbers in Box Office but this movie was very much appreciated by the critics and was loved by the true fans of Bollywood movies. This off-beat movie starts with a girl watching porn, which was followed by sex and death. What comes later is a wonderful story of how a woman deal with all the tragedy and problems that follows, and leads her to greed. Masaan had a wonderful story.

2. Maanjhi: The Mountain Main:

Maanjhi, an inspiring story of a man who took stand to change things and carved a road through a mountain. This movie is not just wonderful but inspiring in every way with brilliant performances given by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte.

3. Udaan:

Udaan is a wonderful story of a boy named Rohan, who is the son of an abusive and oppressive father, who forces him  to work in his factory under him while Rohan wants to become a writer.

4. Life in a…. Metro:

This movie covers the story of nine people living in the city of dreams, Mumbai, each one with their own shares of problems and issues. Their story gives a glimpse of heartbreaks and love in the modern-day urban life.

5. Nil Battey Sannata:

This movie had a simple yet thought provoking story with brilliant performances given by actors. The story revolves around a girl, Apeksha who is a 10th standard student but has lost her interest in studies as she feels she will also end up as a maid just like her mother. Her mother just to get her interest back in studies appears in the exams and succeeds.

6. Dhanak:

Dhanak is a story of two orphaned kids, Pari and Chhotu, who starts their journey to meet Shah Rukh Khan who can help Chhotu regain his eyesight. This story revolves around a fact that with a strong will you can achieve whatever you want.

7. Tahaan:


Tahaan is story through the perception of a child and revolves around how a child sees this world. In the movie, this boy’s pet donkey is taken away by the local moneylender in order to retain an unpaid loan. He goes to retrieve his donkey but amidst his way he meets a terrorist who gives him a grenade to commit a terrorist act.

8.A Wednesday:

A Wednesday is a remarkable thriller, where the police face a threat from an unknown number on a Wednesday afternoon. The movie revolves around the injustice done towards a common man, when innocent people meet with their deaths following bomb blasts.


9. Gulaal:

Gulaal, just like every Anurag Kashyap’s movie was offbeat and brilliant in every way.It is a political drama which revolves around the life of a law student, Dilip, who is assaulted by a gang led by Jadhwal. The movie shows how Dilip somehow gets embroiled in politics in a order to take revenge for the humiliation he faced.

10. Maqbool:

Maqbool is a thrilling drama which revolves around the life of a man named Maqbool, whose superior is a powerful crime boss, Abbaji. The movie shows how Maqbool falls for Abbaji’s mistress who instigates him to kill his superior and become the new leader.


11. Black Friday:

Black Friday is a thrilling movie which revolves around the investigations following the 1993 serial Bombay bomb blasts. The story is narrated through different perspectives of the people involved- police, victims, middlemen and conspirators.


12.The Lunchbox:

The Lunchbox is beautiful film which shows how an unusual friendship develops in between two strangers because of a mistaken lunchbox. The story is creative and splendid with brilliant performance by Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur.

13. Dil Dosti Etc..:

Dil Dosti Etc.. revolves around the lifestyle of youth and shows the choice they make in the end, where two college boys with “can-do” attitude starts facing challenges in life.

14. Dedh Ishqiya:

Dedh Ishqiya was the second movie from ‘Ishqiya’ series. This one is smarter, more creative and funnier movie than the former one. The script of this movie is truly magical and hits the right spot.

15. Shahid:

Shahid, this movie received critical appreciation and won many hearts. Rajkumar Rao gave his best performance in this movie. The story revolves around the life of Human Rights legal representative Shahid Azmi, who is an average citizen with a bizarre obligation to impartiality.

16. Newton:

This one is the latest release and was the only movie of the year 2017 which was sent for the nominations for Oscars. The movie has a brilliant script and Rajkumar Rao has given his best performance in this movie.

17. Haider:

Well, who can forget the stunning and mind blowing performance by Shahid Kapoor. This movie has seen one of the best performances by Shahid Kapoor. The movie was set in Jammu & Kashmir and has a very creative and inspiring story.

How many of these have you watched? Share your views with us in the comments below.