10 Lesser Known Facts About The Ghazals King -Jagjit Singh


Jagjit Singh-the undisputed ‘king of Gazals’ in India. Be it ‘tum itna jo muskura rahe ho..’ or ‘koi fariyaad..’ Jagjit Singh took every song he sang to another level.


Jagjit Singh was the most loved and adored singer of all times. He was the only singer whose independent albums were as hit as his film songs.

A mere mention of the word ‘gazal’ and everyone remembers Jagjit Singh, this was the aura of the king of Gazals.


Here, we bring you some lesser known facts about everyone’s favorite Jagjit Singh:

  1. The first ever offer Jagjit Singh got, during his struggling days, was not for singing. Yes, in fact, it was for a lead role in a Gajarati movie, but Jagjit Singh politely rejected the role as he wanted to stick to Singing only. However, Jagjit Singh later recorded a Bhajan for that movie.
  2. Jagjit Singh’s idol and role-model was Mohd. Rafi. He used to sing Mohd. Rafi’s song in All India Radio, Jalandhar.
  3. Jagjit Singh got married to his wife, Chitra Singh in a very simple ceremony. The marriage was so simple that it costed only Rs.30 and only lasted for 2 minutes.
  4. Although, his father recognized his singing talent when Jagjit Singh was young but he wanted his son to study further and to pursue engineering. Later, his father also wished Jagjit Singh to appear for UPSC exams.
  5. Jagjit Singh started pursuing his M.A. in History from Kurukshetra University but he never finished it. After attending classes for almost two years, he dropped his decision.
  6. Jagjit Singh, without telling even a single member of his family, moved to Mumbai in 1965.
  7. During his struggling days, Jagjit Singh in order to earn a living, started composing jingles. He started singing at the film parties in a hope of getting a break in movie.
  8. Jagjit Singh was the first Indian musician to record a digital album in 1987 titled ‘Beyond Time’.
  9. In the year 1982, the tickets for his concert, ‘Live at Royal Albert Hall’ were sold out in three hours.
  10. After the untimely death of Jagjit Singh, in 2014, the Government of India released a stamp in Jagjit Singh’s honour.

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