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8 Billionaires Who Tried To Hide Their Wealth But The Numbers Came Out

Becoming a big billionaire in today’s generation although is a huge thing for commoners, yet for supreme business tycoons, it is a very usual deal. It is often found that big business holders tend to surpass it’s competitors, while tracing a huge leap in their world of finance and stocks. However, with time, these huge stalwart business personalities barge from disclosing their worth in order to infringe their forum from several taxes and other legal issues. On one hand, it is evident that not all billionaires possess illegal monetary sources, but on the other, it is a preconceived fact that rich people are corrupt and posses non legitimate money. Here is a look at the top 10 worldwide billionaires who have kept themselves away from producing their total net worth.


1. The Rothschild Family – INR 140 trillion

According to leads and many historians, the Rothschild Family was into the banking sector and reportedly had a net worth of INR 140 trillion.


2. Vladamir Putin – INR 14000 billion

According to estimates, The President of Russia is considered to be the world’s richest man as he has a net worth of more than that of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.


3. The House of Saud – 105 trillion

The gigantic Saud Family of Saudi Arabia, owing a number of multiple oil has rightfully established their extravagant monetary trades and thus remains Asia’s richest family.


4. Ratan Tata – INR 6047 billion

Ratan Tata is India’s one of the richest man and he donates rich amount of charity every year. Beyond that, he has several businesses and their huge shares, which are somewhat delusional in nature and hence undefined. According to sources, there’s a possibility of him owning a net worth of INR 6047 billion.


5. Bashar Al Assad – INR 9045 billion

Bashar Al Assad is in himself a massive name, who owns around 60% of all the Syrian companies. Several monetary forums have put forward an amount of his worth to be 120 times more than the publisized figure.


6. Hosni Mubarak – INR 4900 billion

Pres. Hosni Mubarak (during TIME interview w. Dean Fischer) at presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt. (Photo by Barry Iverson/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Hosni Mubarak, an ultimate epitome power and authority, reigned over Egypt for thirty years. His witty nature, farsighted knowledge and experience has made it possible for him to become one of the richest man in the whole world.


7. Carlos Slim Helu – INR 4613 billion

This impactful and substantial Mexican business legend controls all over the country’s economic structure, while owning more than 200 companies to his name. He is one of the world’s top 10 richest man.


8. Kim Jong Un – INR 350 billion

The most significant leader of North Korea is believed to own an asset of more than INR 350 billion, thus bringing him into tbe light of world economic structure.


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