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Anand Mahindra’s Fitting Reply To Twitter User Calling Him Stupid

Anand Mahindra is known for being omnipresent on the social media sites and does a lot of interaction with the users on the various social media sites, especially Twitter. He is very open to reply to messages and comments on his posts, thus ensuring good interaction between him and a number of people. However, there are occasions when he has had to face some serious amount of hate from a few users on Twitter, who have not refrained from abusing the business tycoon, even calling him stupid publicly.

IN a similar turn of event, Anand Mahindra was attacked by a Twitter user recently. The user called him “stupid” as he replied on a post shared by the business tycoon on the social media site. The message read

Anand Mahindra called stupid

To this, Anand Mahindra posted a savage reply that won the hearts of many. He was polite in his reply, which made it even more impressive. Here is a look at what he said- “Your pessimism is quite comprehensive. Is there ANYTHING you are optimistic about? Or have you exiled yourself to a remote cave in the mountains? Let me know if I can get Swiggy to send you a food package!”

Earlier, Anand Mahindra had posted about the survival of the Indian economy from the recent slump and that he has been optimistic that the country will be able to deal with this problem and make its way back to the glory days. His message read, “I’m often accused of being stupidly optimistic. If this trend continues then perhaps the adjective ‘stupid’ will be discarded.”

A lot of people appreciated his presence of mind and his answer that ensured the Twitter user could not revert back to the conversation. He also backed his theory up with data which was enough to shut the haters up.

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