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7 Famous Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion

Religion and faith is a belief that grows from within and stays with you throughout. Even though in today’s time the belief of religion is used more to divide than to unite people, but it surely was not always this way. Today we bring you the name of 8 Indian celebrities who changed their religion and converted to Islamism to attain peace.


The musical maestro who is now a global icon graced earth as a Hindu. He took birth in a Hindu family with the name Dileep Kumar. Even though his mother had affiliations with a Muslim family before marriage and had the trademarks of Sufism imbued in her, Rahman never was attracted to the religion. The genius composer and lyricist who swoons us to dreamworld only got affiliated with the beautiful religion and its rich culture and virtues after coming in contact with Qadiri Islam when his sister fell sick. It was then his life took a turn from where he decided to devote himself fully to the religion.


One of the most reliable and strong pillars of Pakistan cricket team, Yusuf Youhana took up nd completely devoted himself to Islamism since 2005. Soon after he took up the name of Muhammad Yousuf. The centre foreground of cricket did not ever look back after turning his religion as it gave him the ultimate peace he desired. It is said that one should always get to chose their own religion based on what values they resonate with the most.



Sharmila Tagore graced us with her elegant presence as a Hindu and went forward to win hearts globally. The honour winning actress was at her peak and was quite happy with the state her life was in. But soon, she fell in love with then famous Indian Muslim cricketer Lt. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. That is when she decided to change her faith for love. She soon converted to Islam and changed her name to Ayesha Begum. The duo went on to have three talented kids all gems in their streams: Saif Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan and Saba Ali Khan.


One of the finest actors Bollywood ever witnessed, Dharmendra took birth as a Hindu with the name Dharam Singh Deol. It was not till 1979 that he had to convert to Islam. Dharmendra was at that time already engaged and married to Prakash Kaur when he fell in love with Bollywood heartthrob Hema Malini. However, as per the Hindu Marriage Act, he was not able to tie the knot with Hema, as he already had one wife. Dharmendra did not want to leave his first wife as well and thus had to change to Islamism to marry and legitimize Hema Malini as his second wife. From then on, Dharmendra has been engaged with two separate families.


Ayesha Takia got married to her long term boyfriend Farhan Azmi on 2009. On March 1st, the couple got hitched under the Islamic vows of traditional Nikah. Even though Ayesha herself did not confirm but media gathered being from a Hindu dad and Anglo Indian mother, she probably converted herself to Islamism before getting married.


Bollywood actress Amrita Singh who made her debut in 1983 with Betaab was born to Sikh-Muslim family and practised the Sikh religion. But this soon changed when she got married to co-star Saif Ali Khan. At the time of her marriage, she changed to Islamism and then stayed together till 2004 after which the duo separated from each other.


The famous nineties Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni turned to the faith of Islamism while she was facing conviction in Dubai for carrying case for her better half at the airport terminal.

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