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5 Bollywood Stars Who Got Married Immediately After Their Breakup

Breakup is a word that is used to show a rift between the people who love, even in laughter. In such a situation, imagine if someone has experienced a breakup, how will it be. Someone has rightly said that it becomes difficult to handle yourself after a breakup. There are many such thoughts in the mind, which do not see the way to deal with them. However, such people should not forget that during breakup pain it takes time but it is not difficult to handle this situation.

Where many people move ahead after the breakup by prioritizing their careers, many of them get along with someone who not only fills their lives with love but also all the shortcuts to deal with the pain of a breakup. They have a very good example of which these television actresses have set.

Divyanka Tripathi-Vivek Dahiya

The relationship between Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya is perfect for those who, after being deceived in love, close all the doors of their hearts just thinking that every human being is the same. However, such people should never forget that even though you are alone at this time, this is the time when you have to think for yourself. In such a time, instead of crying and singing, think about the mistakes you have made while in a relationship, due to which you had to face a situation like a breakup.

Neha Kakkar-Rohanpreet Singh

Neha Kakkar is also included in the list of beauties whose relationship could not meet the test of time. The truth of Neha and Himanshu’s relationship is not hidden from anyone. Neha not only confessed to the pain of public breakup but also learned that life does not stop anyone from coming and going. Things can go wrong many times but if you trust yourself, life can be made beautiful once again. Neha is living a cool life these days with her husband Rohanpreet Singh.

Anita Hasanandani-Rohit Reddy

Anita Hasanandani, who gave heart to ‘Bigg Boss’ fame Ejaz Khan on the set of serial ‘Kavyanjali’, has also gone through a difficult period of the breakup. Anita and Ejaz were in a relationship for many years. But even after this, the relationship of the two could not reach the end of love and then in the year 2013, Anita got married to businessman Rohit Reddy.

Rubina Dilac-Abhinav Shukla

There may be very few people who do not know about Rubina and Avinash’s relationship. When the love story started from the set of serial ‘Chhoti Bahu’, when someone broke up in front of the wall like a breakup, no one knew. While Avinash told the reason for the breakup with Rubina not being able to keep pace with each other, Rubina accused the actor of cheating on her. However, whatever the reason for the breakup of both, but even during this, Rubina did not lose her restraint. The actress not only paid attention to her work but also decided to live the rest of her life with Abhinav Shukla as a true companion.

Gauhar Khan-Zaid Darbar

Seeing Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon’s cute love story that started in Bigg Boss house, everyone thought that this couple would get married very soon, but the opposite happened. Gauhar and Kushal’s relationship ended a few months after the show ended. However, even after the breakup, Gauhar and Kushal maintained a friendship relationship, not troubling each other. This is also the reason that even after suddenly hitting each other, both of them do not need to steal eyes from each other.

While Gauhar and Kushal’s relationship became an example of friendship, on the other hand, Gauhar married Zaid and showed everyone that people who start treating their lives as a big problem after the breakup, every passing moment Should take care that someone is waiting for you somewhere.

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