Twitterati Are Slamming Ranveer Singh And ‘Bingo’ For Mocking SSR In Their Latest Ad


It was just a few days ago when the Jewellery brand Tanishq indulged in a big controversy after the brand was targeted with the accusations of promoting ‘love jihad’ in one of their ads in the ‘Ekatava’ theme. Later, the brand took it down after receiving a major backlash on it and also issued an apology.

Now another brand has come under the scanner of netizens. Well, off-lately the netizens have been abuzz with calls of boycotting or taking down an advertisement featuring none other than Ranveer Singh.

We are talking about the popular chips brand Bingo and its ambassador Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, who are both alleged to be making fun of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in their latest advertisement.

Well, the latest advertisement of Bingo featuring Ranveer Singh is titled ‘Beta aage kya plan hai’. The video shows the actor surrounded by several uncles and aunties in a party, who keep asking him about his future plans. Responding to them, Ranveer Singh utters some scientific terms like ‘photon’, ‘algorithm’ and ‘paradox’ to shut down the relatives.

The advertisement didn’t go down well with the netizens who are slamming the brand and the actor alike. Fans are words like ‘photon’, ‘algorithm’ and ‘paradox’ with SSR, who always talked about these things via his social media posts. Infact, Sushant’s Instagram bio reads, “Photon in a double-slit”.


Here, watch the video:

Soon social media was flooded with reactions from  the fans of SSR, who want the brand to take the video down and are also trending #BoycottBingo to express their anger over the ad.

. Here, check out the reactions of twitterati on this:

While after receiving such massive backlash from the netizens, brands usually take their video down, but not Bingo. However, it hid the dislikes and likes count on the YouTube video. The same was pointed out by many Twitter users.