Kangana Ranaut Is Getting Slammed For Her Recent Tweet On Depression


Kangana Ranaut has said a lot of things on social media recently which has created controversies, but one of her latest tweets where she seems to be taking a dig at those suffering from mental depression has not gone down well with people at all.

Kangana, because of her tendency to honestly put forward her opinion on every issue, often gets into verbal altercations with many Twitter users and she doesn’t really shy away from replying to the trolls.

Recently, Kangana had a bit of a discussion with a Twitter user named Priyanka Paul who was not happy with one of Kangana’s tweet and she slammed Kangana by quoting her.

Kangana, thereafter, passed a few remarks on Priyanka’s appearance and then in a general tweet on her account, Kangana tweeted that depressed people with suicidal thoughts are having a meltdown because of her tweets.


Kangana has passed a controversial remark regarding mental health in the past as well where she seemed to suggest that depression might be a result of drug abuse.

In the modern day and age where people are increasingly getting aware about the prevalent mental issues in many sections of the society, some of the Twitter users didn’t like the way Kangana so easily related it to drug abuse.

And now again the way Kangana has casually tweeted about depression, she is facing massive criticism from majority of Twitter users.

Kangana, since the last 6 months, has been tweeting a lot of stuff on different issues and clearly people who claim to have a liberal ideology are not taking Kangana’s tweets kindly at all.

Here is Kangana’s recent tweet which is being criticized –