5 Times Kavita Kaushik Owned Her Trolls Like A Boss



Kavita Kaushik who rose to prominence with her portrayal of Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala in the comedy series called FIR, is back to the arena of entertainment as she made her footfall in Big Boss 14.

She finally snaffled up the glorious offer of the reality show after snubbing them twice in the previous editions. She strutted into the show alongside fellow counterparts, precisely wildcard contestants, Naina Singh and Shardul Pandit.

The actor has a ‘Devil may care’ attitude and her outspoken nature on social media has also earned her countless plaudits. Her positive attitude laced with her courage is what places her on a pedestal above her fellow colleagues.


Her recent stint on social media has so far been mostly dominated by getting back to trolls who have tried to downsize her through various instances of moral policing and mansplaining. Unfazed by the attacks, she launched powerful ripostes that took the trolls to the cleaners.