Anand Mahindra Trolled The Astrologer Who Predicted Donald Trump’s Win


The US Elections and its consequences have had a great impact and have been the most talked-about topic, after the Corona Pandemic, of course, to be discussed on every forum. Eminent people and celebrities have been speaking about the same and posting messages and comments about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ incredible win over former President Donald Trump. Anand Mahindra, who is very much active on social media, also shared a hilarious post on this topic.

He cited the calculation made by an Indian astrologer who had predicted the result of the US elections to go in favour of Donald Trump a few days. Mahindra had tweeted the photo of the calculation made by the person on a paper on 4th November with a short message. It read, “This astrologer’s forecast was doing the messaging circuit last week. (Have concealed the name & address for the sake of privacy) If President Trump retains office, this astrologer will be rather popular, to put it mildly. ” It was followed by a smiley.

After the results were out, Mahindra retweeted his own tweet from 4th November to remind the Twitterati of the wrong prediction made by the astrologer about the outcome of the US elections. His post was followed by a message that read, “I’m glad I concealed his name. His job may now be at stake… !”