‘Political Expert’ KRK Has Predicted That Arnab Goswami Will Go Against The BJP


Kamaal R Khan is one critic who has an opinion about everything and everyone in this world. He now has given his verdict on the arrest of Republic TV editor in chief Arnab Goswami. The lead journalist was arrested a few days back, which created a huge ripple in the world of journalism and politics.

Arnab is known to be close to the ruling party and has been supporting them openly on his channel. In fact, people are of the opinion that he was arrested because of his closeness to BJP, who are currently not in power in Maharashtra and Shivsena has taken full benefit of that and has put the lead journalist behind the bars.

Speaking about Arnab’s arrest, KRK tweeted, “#ArnabGoswami will come out from jail after 20-30 days totally a different person. He will never ever show fake news. He will never ever shout on the ppl. He will never ever take side of any political party. He will never ever say bad about #CP #MP #CM #PM”.



Well, that being said, KRK has been spot on with the fact that Arnab Goswami will surely come out of jail after the conundrum that is sweeping the country since his arrest. However, what he chooses to do after that, is completely up to him. The nation definitely wants to know!