Melania Trump Is Set To Divorce Donald Trump? Here’s How Twitterati Reacted


In a shocking turn of events, Donald Trump’s wife Melania is all set to divorce him, as per the latest reports. On one hand, Donald Trump has faced defeat in the US presidential election and now he is going to divorce his wife Melania. Melania is going to break a 15-year-old relationship with Trump. A former White House aide has claimed that the couple is going to break the 15-year-old marriage bond and it will separate them once Melania Trump leaves the White House.

Donald Trump with wife Melania

According to a report in London’s popular Tabloid Daily Mail, Omarosa Manigault Newman, former director of communications at the White House Public License Office, alleged, “While in Donald Trump’s office, Melania is not divorcing because if she is currently If they try to insult him, he (Trump) will find a way to punish them.”

Here are a few reactions from Twitterati regarding this unexpected divorce drama.


As we can see, a number of speculations are surrounding this divorce drama. Undoubtedly, people have mostly been making fun of this couple and even their son Barron has had to face trolls on Twitter on a number of occasions. Now it is sure that this unexpected divorce dilemma will make it worse for both Melania and Donald Trump. However, it is now to be seen how far this drama goes in the future.