This Daily Wage Worker Has A Better Physique Than Bollywood Actors


Fitness is an obsession for many people and some of them even spend a fortune to be in shape. However, on many occasions, their sedentary lifestyle comes in the way of them achieving their fitness goals, leave alone a ripped body. This is a cause for demotivation for many people and most of them give up halfway through their journey to gain all the weight back and find it difficult to shed it again due to their busy schedule and improper diet.


Recently, the photo of a daily wage worker has gone viral on social media and has taken it by storm. Clicked by Satyaprakash Pandey and shared by Ashish Saggar on Facebook, the picture of a daily wage worker shows his excessively ripped physique. There is no way that this person, who is actually a mason, has any access to a gym or any kind of fitness equipment as he spends most of his time working laboriously in the scorching heat. His diet is also nothing near to nutritional, as most of these people live on roti and fried onions.


That being said, the pictures of this mason is one of the many examples that spending lakhs of rupees in the gym and going on costly bizarre diets are not the solution to shed all your excess weight and stay in shape.