Shameless Trolls Targeted Comedy Circus’ Young Star ‘Gangu Bai’


The fans of Comedy Circus are all well aware of the actresses and actors who perform regularly on the show. One of their favourite characters over the years has been the little cutie “Gangubai” played by the young actress Saloni Daini.


The actress is now all grown up and is 19 years old. However, she has not been able to maintain her fitness over the years, which made her the target of many trolls on social media. There were people who even compared her with buffalo, but she has chosen to shut them up with her amazing transformation. She reduced her weight by 22 kgs during the lockdown period and recently flaunted her new look on social media platform Instagram.


Speaking about the portrayal of “Gangubai” on Comedy Circus, Saloni said, “Gangubai is my favourite character. I even have a tattoo of ‘Gangubai’ inked on my hand. When I am playing Gangubai, I am the most confident person – I can speak anything and I can do anything I want.

I can do anything on stage. But when I am Saloni, I am very calm and ‘shant’. Gangubai is the one that gives me confidence. So when people call me ‘Gangubai’, I love it. That’s my favourite character. I would love being called ‘Gangubai’ even in future. Having said that, I would love to work as Saloni.”