Sakshi Dhoni Penned A Beautiful Poem After Chennai Super Kings Got Knocked Out Of IPL 2020


As Chennai Super Kings became the first team to be eliminated from the IPL 2020, Sakshi Dhoni penned a heartwarming poem to blossom a smile on Dhoni and Chennai’s fans face. Chennai had a forgetful season as for the first time in the history of the tournament, Chennai failed to make it to the play-offs.

They started the tournament on a resonating note after exacting an impressive victory upon defending champions Mumbai Indians. However, after that victory, they lost themselves midway and were gasping for breath in the midst of a flurry of defeats.

They did instigate hopes yesterday when they tamed a soaring Royal Challengers Bangalore in a high-octane thriller but all their hopes were officially snuffed out when a Ben Stokes-inspired performance took Mumbai Indians out of the hunt.

After CSK got eliminated from the tournament, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi took to social media and penned an emotional poem that got the former India captain and his fans stirred.




Sashi took to Instagram and penned, “It’s just a game..You win some you lose some!! Years gone by are witness to many enthralling victories and a few agonising defeats! Celebrating one and being heartbroken by the other!!”

She continued, “Some reasonable response others not so… Some win, some lose and others miss…It’s just a game! Many preachers and varied reactions! Allow emotions not to beat the very essence of sportsmanship. It’s just a game! No one wants to lose, but not all can be winners!”

She concluded inditing, “When struck down, stunned, the walk back from the field seems long. Jubilant sounds and sighs add to the pain, inner strength takes control It’s all just a game!! You were winners then, you are winners now! True warriors are born to fight as they will always be Super Kings in our hearts and in our minds!!”