These Mirzapur 2 Memes Are Taking Twitter By Storm


Mirzapur season 2 is here and it is causing quite a stir among the fans of this renowned series who have been waiting for the release of the second season. The first season was a huge hit and made the characters of the show based on the gangsters as popular as household names. The likes of Akhandanand Tripathi, Phoolchand Tripathi aka Munna, Bablu Pandit, Sweety Tripathi and not to forget the notorious Guddu Pandit are now not only some of the biggest names in the discussion on the various social media platforms, but there are also a number of memes that are being made on them and are taking the internet by storm.

Several of these memes are also found on Twitter as they continue to entertain the users as well as show the talent of the meme-makers on the internet. A number of these memes are making people burst into laughter while some are also providing food for thought through their witty humour. In the following lines, we will have a look at them.


So as it can be seen that the talented meme makers are leaving no opportunity to create new memes based on the various famous dialogues as well as characters of Mirzapur. It goes without saying that with all that hype already building, Mirzapur season 2 is going to be a must-watch for many as it releases on October 23, 2020.