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Atul Khatri Said “Audience Won’t Accept Sonu Sood As Villain” And Got A Brilliant Reply

Sonu Sood has been one of the most admired human beings in India as he has helped several migrant workers return home in the face of a glaring epidemic crisis. Not only has he facilitated the safe travel of these hapless workers but he also arranged for necessary food and medicines along the long journey that they were about to make.

Post which he also indulged himself in helping the needy to attain their lifelong dreams and even expensive treatments which seemed impossible in the first place. He is now one of the most admired human beings throughout the nation for his heroic efforts in saving millions of poor people.

On the screen, however, he mainly portrays villainous roles and is considered as one of the most rogue faces of anti-heroic acts. Going by his heroic stance, comedian Atul Khatri took to Twitter to mention the fact that the audience is past the point of accepting him as a villain any more.

He tweeted, “Me thinks @SonuSood will never ever be able to play the role of a villain again in a movie. The audience will rightfully never accept it.”

Sonu Sood was quick in responding to this heart-warming tweet with his ever-present smile as he quoted, “Time to play New Innings bhai”.

A twitter user penned, ““Sonu Paaji will succeed in whatever role he takes in reel-life or real-life ! The audience will just lap him up for whatever role he plays. Audience will turn up just because he is in the movie – whatever b his role !! What a man he is !”

He has in fact, proved himself to be a hero beyond words in real life as ghastly scenes of migrants suffering from the sudden lockdown were evident on every single platform. However, he took it on himself to wipe away the tears of a thousand unfortunate souls.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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