5 Strange Rules John Cena Used To Make Nikki Bella Follow When They Were In A Relationship

The WWE Superstars are adored all over the world for their antiques on the stage as well as off it. Starting from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to John Cena, people are always curious about how they stay fit and lead their lives to possess such great physique and skills. It goes without saying that it takes these superstars years of practice and determination to prepare themselves for the world and John Cena is a perfect example of that.

Cena has been a cult for many and so are some of the rules he follows in his life. He is so much dedicated to these rules that he made his fiance Nikki Bella follow some of them as well. Here are a few of them.

Formal Dress

John Cena made everyone in his house to wear proper formal attire once every week during dinner time and Bella was no exception to that. The attire included suits and ties for the men while the women had to wear gowns.


He made Nikki Bella do stretching exercises for a significant amount of time. He himself did the stretching exercises for even an hour at times and expected the same kind of dedication from his partner as well.

No Sharing of Assets

Though it might sound a bit too harsh, John Cena made Nikki sign a prenup to ensure that this rule prevailed between the two while they are in a relationship.

Separate buckets for dirty clothes

John Cena made Nikki follow the rule of using two different buckets for dirty clothes. One is for the normal dirty clothes and the other is for the clothes that get dirty in the gym.

A 75 Page Contract

Cena made Nikki sign a 75-page contract even before she could move in with him. Later, he admitted that he was abrasive and harsh to her about signing the contract.

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