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Ranvir Shoorey Called KRK “[email protected]” And Twitterati Are Loving It

In a fascinating war of words between Kamaal R Khan and Ranvir Shorey revolving around the latter’s new show, Twitter got a healthy dosage of humour from both the stars.

Ideally, Kamaal R Khan has always tried to flout a lot of celebrities with his sarcastic comments.  A few have drawn considerable limelight while others have grabbed hatred and jibes. In fact, he had to apologise once because there was a mass outbreak of criticism against him.

Recently trying to demean Ranvir Shorey’s new show, he has tweeted, “This @RanvirShorey’s new web show has just launched #HighOnMX Aur Ab Ye Bolta Hai Ki #Marijuana ko India main legalise karo. Oye Depression happens coz of drugs, koi samjhao isko. Aur makers ka toh jawaab nahi, what a time to release a show on drugs n addiction. Shame on you all.”

This dialogue is flawed at various levels considering the fact that he has zero ideas about depression. In an attempt to ride the bandwagon, KRK tried to trivialize everyone who suffers from depression claiming that all of it happens from drugs. However, that was a generic attempt too as he targeted marijuana. Given the scientific research that surrounds this debate, there is no link of marijuana and depression at the moment.

Ranvir Shorey was pissed at this distasteful comment by KRK. In an attempt to diss him, he tweeted a meme which when roughly translated stands like “get off, bugger”.

Ideally, the conversation didn’t flap any more wings but at this point in time the line between sanity and riding a bandwagon to get your fame has been blurred. KRK’s comments have not just been unflattering, but they have clearly lacked any sense.

The audience is not looking at this from a good perspective and he would do better if he can understand the facts before stating them to someone.

What do you think?

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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