Madhav Sharma Exposed NDTV’s Fake Story And Trolled Swara Bhaskar

Madhav Sharma shared his piece of mind with Swara Bhasker after a previous spat between the two where her posts created a lot of sparks. Madhav shared advice with her and it turned out that all is well that ends well.

Madhav previously rebuked Swara Bhaskar about her post that circulated defaming the rioting act on Tanishq Jewellery store today morning, owing to the latest advertisement that created a lot of spark throughout social media.

NDTV went ahead with the news that a Tanishq jewellery store in Gujrat was attacked and the owner of the store was forced to write an apology letter regarding the latest advert that they were compelled to take down.

However, Gujrat Police was quick to respond, reaching the store at the earliest and found out that the store was well in one piece without any trace of attacks or riots as claimed in the news.

Madhav Sharma instantly took to Twitter and tweeted about Swara Bhasker, citing, “Dear @ReallySwara, stop your overacting, watch this video and apologise. Also, tell your friends at NDTV to apologise and stop spreading fake news.”

Swara returned a response citing, “Hey Madhav! I’ve put out a clarification.. definitely threatening calls are way better than actual attacks

thanks for the prompt action


It seemed that the war was far from over as Madhav retorted saying, “Thoda NDTV se bach ke raho aadtein apne aap sudhar jayengi”

Swara was schooled in flamboyant fashion for spreading fake rumours. In fact, she even applauded the efforts of Gujrat police in taking quick action to restore law and order across the land.


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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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