A Fan Told Divyanka Tripathi To Stay From Karan Johar. Here’s How She Reacted

With the advent of social media, and with the celebrities that we have always looked up to coming closer to us, a lot of people have exploited the opportunity to abuse them and to raise a question as per their moral codes against the celebs.

Actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya waged a full-blown war of words against a netizen who tried to trivialize her after her post on power outage. Her tweet read, “Kam se nikle, ab bekar aur berozgar se fir rahe hai. Bhai koi bataega aaj Mumbai me bijli kyu nahi hai (was out for work and am now sitting idle. Will someone tell me why there’s no power supply in Mumbai today)?”


A user didn’t take this post well because of his own social standard and commented, “Ek din bina make-up, bina AC ke bhi rehna seekho madam (Try living without make-up and AC for a day madam).”

Now to matters more interesting, the war just started as Divya retorted, “Bewajah hero mat baniye uncle. Kaam to sarkaar ka tha jisme make-up ki zarurat nahi. Par vishesh tippania is prakar karte hai aap log jaise jagah jagah Bigg Boss ka camera lagaya ho. Kuch acha likhe, ashirward de, anyatha kaam se kaam rakhe (don’t try to needlessly be a hero, uncle. This was the government’s job and it did not need the use of make-up. But the way you comment it looks like you guys have installed Bigg Boss cameras everywhere. Why don’t you focus on work rather than interfering in the matters of orthers. If you have to give something, give blessings).”


After being schooled by Divya, the user deviated from his comment and tried to share a piece of mind with the actress in a botched up effort of mansplaining her as he posted, “Mera ashirward tumhare saath hai. Achi achi film karo aur drugs ke chakkar me mat padhna. Karan Johar ke paas toh bhool ke bhi mat jana.”

It seems that Divya was simply not willing to sit back and take hogwash from the user as she retaliated sarcastically, citing, “Yeh baat bhaut achi lagi. Dil se dhanyewaad. Aaj kal sab amoon tor pe doosro ke bina wajah galat ki maan le chalte hai. Kalakaar kitne bhi maznoot dikhe, dil dukhta hai. Jis roz se pitaji is shehr ke hawae kar Bhopal gaye, prayas yahi hai ki un ka sar fakr se uncha rahe.

Yeh kamal keechad me bhi kamal rahega (loved what you said. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. From the day my father left me in Mumbai to attain my dreams, my endeavour has been to make him proud. Lotus will blossom in dirt).”

What do you think?

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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