A Man Trolled Sunil Gavaskar For His Height And Got A Fitting Reply From Sheldon Jackson


Sunil Gavaskar has been one of the finest batsmen that World cricket has ever seen and is also counted amongst the best commentators in the current scenario. He is well known for his analytical commentary and his ability to make witty and subtle comments on the players. However, things have not gone well for Sunny as far as the IPL 2020 is concerned. He had to face a lot of criticism for his comment on Virat Kohli’s poor form that involved his wife Anushka Sharma. The actress also took to the Twitter and labelled the comment as distasteful. However, later it was found that there was no authenticity about the fact that the comment was made by the former cricketer and the controversy ended there.

Recently, another Twitter user trolled Sunil Gavaskar on his short height and made a hilarious remark on Twitter. He posted a picture of the legendary batsman standing beside former England cricketer Kevin Peterson while commenting and wrote, “Sunil Gavaskar looking so small”.

The user, however, received a very apt reply from one of the lesser-known cricketers of India, Sheldon Jackson, who plies his trade for Saurashtra. He wrote, “May be in height, but look what he has done and achieved for the country, not many tall men could achieve. You’re a cricket fan as of what I learn n see from your tweets there’s already a lot of negativity, try to spread a little positivity please”.


The matter ended on a good note as the user understood his mistake and apologised. He also deleted the tweet.